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much like a Christmas advent calendar where you remove 1 chocolate per day for each of the 25 days leading up to Christmas, the opposite occurs on the ThotVent. They both share 25 spots, but instead of removing and eating a piece of chocolate, you fill each of the 25 spots with the name/number/picture of each girl you've had intercourse with. Once the ThotVent is full, much like its yuletide cousin, there is a celebration, where we go out and get smashed and try to find the Merriest Saint Chick to ride ones Merry Saint Dick, one last time in the name of festive cheer so that one may deliver the special load (much like Santa and his toys on Christmas)
1: how's your ThotVent Cakendar coming along bro?
2: really good man, added this chick Jessica last night! Only 3 more till we celebrate the ThotVent!!!
by amackinnon13 July 19, 2014
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