Those Kids are the kids in school who sit in the back of class and talk about people/don't pay attention in general. Most likely the teacher hates them, and they love it.
Synonyms: Badass
Antonyms: Anyone named Lynne

Joe: What's going on man?
Fernandez: Not much, but Those Kids in the back of english kept throwing paper airplanes.
Joe: That sucks.
Fernandez: Yup.
by NCooley November 20, 2008
A kid who comes to hang out with a large group or just a couple friends and always has theyre ipod headphones in, and they dont help any conversation at all.
"Yo bro can you pitch me some money, i cant afford all of this."

*turns to the kid*

"O shit! you can't hear me cause youre just One Of "Those" kids.

*turns to other friend*
by The Classic July 26, 2010