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A bulding where only highly attractive women live with moderately attractive men. The women frequently wear wetsuits, spandex, or Thorneloe sweatshirts. We are a small family prone to incest and on a Friday night residents may be found wearing anything but clothes or 90’s outfits. Often toilet paper is replaced with pizza, and residents enjoy sauna sex, shower parties, and dominating the century club. Residents of this building are prone to mysterious bike disappearances, hibernating rabies infested animals, Saturday night parking tickets, and being haunted by the Thorneloe ghost. If intruders enter Thorneloe they will be punished by being forced to listen to an annoying door alarm and partying hard with residents. Residents are often found eating burnt rice(that causes fire alarms), meatballs, and strippers from diamonds. Residence games include guess that bra size, T-rex, manhunt, the dating game with prostitutes, stripping, karaoke, spin the bottle, and arm wrestling. Thorneloe is run by Sergeant cocks, the cock butterfly, Mr. Handjob, and the Jackhammer.
β€œI like living in Thorneloe because shit rolls down the hill.”
β€œThorneloe- we are horny sons of bitches- we’d rather fuck than fight.”
by thorneloeghost1 December 13, 2010
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