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This is a guy that is good at being sneaky. They are sometimes smartasses but Thorens are usually pretty smart and are generally nice people. They are hard to understand at times but make up with it by being smooth with words. If you have one keep them, they are balanced people that are typically mentally stable. These people are just as uncommon as their name so whence they're gone, they're gone.
Person 1: " I heard they're was some kid in our math class gettin' a 97%"
Person 2: "oh damn! Who's that?!"
Person 1: "you know that Thoren kid?"
Person 2: " of course it's him, the smartass"
by TheCondesendingIdiot February 02, 2015
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Gothy sad boy who is somewhat creepy and sort of ghetto.
Girl #1 "I let a rapper look at my panties at the Deadfly Ensemble show."

Girl #2 "Was it the thoren with the XXL Bauhaus shirt?"
by masochrist February 22, 2014
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