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1) Take an empty 20 oz. bottle of soda (preferably Mountain Dew)
2) Poke a hole in the bottom smaller than the size of your thumb
3) Cover the hole, bitch.
4) Fill bottle with beer. To the top. Bitch.
5) Put foil on open top. Poke holes in it with a fork.
6) Put a hit of weed on foil. Or more.
7) Shotgun the beer while someone lights the weed
8) Take the hit after draining beer.
9) Enjoy it. Bitch.
10) Repeat 1-9
Dude A: Oh my god, I just had 2 Thompson Gunners.
Dude B: You must be fuckeddd up
Dude A: Yeah, my hand won't stay still and I see demons.
Dude B: Thank god for Trev Thompson, UChicago
by DJKuni January 14, 2010
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