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A neighbor hood in Muncie Indiana, also known as Thomas Park/ Avondale , is known by most local residence as shed town, alluding that historically most of the houses in the neighborhood were small and shack-like. The neighbor hood was home to the Muncie General Motors transmission plant until it closed in 2006 and was subsequently demolished leaving a roughly 60 acre fenced off concrete slab and can be used a symbol of the death of the manufacturing industry in Muncie and a symbol of urban decay and unemployment that has lead to the meth pandemic in Muncie and the rust belt in general.

Also, a public park in the Thomas Park/ Avondale Neighbor hood.
You: I live in Thomas Park
Friend: You live in the Park?
You : No, I live in the Thomas Park Neighborhood on 15th Street off of Port.
Friend: Oh you mean shed town.
by frommuncieyo95 October 16, 2016
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