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Thomas Matthew Delonge is a singer/guitarist for the most amazing band, Blink 182. He was born December 13, 1975 in Poway, California. He is unfortunately married to Jennifer Jenkins, now Jennifer Delonge. He is the hottest man alive, without a doubt. Many people praise him. He is currently in Blink 182 and Angels and Airwaves, two amazing bands, Blink 182 being the best. He used to be in Boxcar Racer also. He has a very distinct voice which makes him even more irresistable. He has an obsession over UFO's and Aliens, and he really does not care what people think of him. He is a unique, and different soul, which makes him interesting.
who are you talking about when you capitalize Him?
well, Thomas Matthew Delonge of course!
by Mrs. Delonge June 08, 2010
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