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When you leave an unnecessarily large gratuity or tip for your waitress/bartender, because you are physically attracted to them, usually in a sexual manner. Your level of lust, "thirst", is so high that you equate a large tip with any chance of sexy time with said individual. These instances usually occur at lower level sports bars and patios. Alcohol will affect the intensity and dollar amount of the thirst-tip. The thirst-tip is usually followed by periods of sadness and/or vigorous masturbation. Rarely is the thirst-tip successful in the endeavors of no-pants dancing.
"Dude, Heather at Bdubs is so hot. I left her a huge thirst-tip. $20 on a $15 tab"

"Ah, gross man. She's super deece. "
"I know....I'm just so thirsty"
by Thirstay August 21, 2015
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