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1. A word used to describe what you can't at the moment, usually for an idea or concept that is not easily described. Usually preceded by a hesitation, used mostly in sentences containing possessive nouns, where an entity would have an intangible object whose intentions need to be explained, or in situations where several words would be needed to describe the object but where the speaker does not feel compelled enough or immediately able to finish the description.

2. Used as a substitution word for shared ideas that need no explanation, or in situations which have inferred complications or details that do not want explanation, for reasons such as speaker-desired lackadaisical ambiguity, or purposeful hesitation.
"With the sort of power that company has, their influence is great enough that they can get away with any sort of... thingstuff they want."

"Just use whatever that is... the... thingstuff."

"Why didn't she tell you the truth?"
"Oh you know... ever since the breakup she's been... you know... and that sort of thingstuff."
by popfizz November 25, 2006
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