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i. A name for the way Americans or some Filipino-Americans speak Tagalog. You know what Thigalog is when the language spoken is in Tagalog yet is pronounced strangely in an American accent. The ah's are ey's and oh's are ow's.
The direct opposite of this is "Carabao (Kalabaw) English"
A Filipino's Pronounciation: (Tagalog)
"Ano man ang sabihin nila, ganito ang kinalalabasan."

(The following is to be read as it is spelled)
American's Pronounciation: (Thigalog)
"Eyno men awng seybihin nelah ganehtow ang kinelahlahbeysan."

Literal Translation: (English)
"Whatever they say, it comes out like this."
by absent-minded110 December 24, 2009
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