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a place located underwater in the pacific ocean. it has a thriving economy and is the birthplace of many historic figures.king arthur, jim bowie, davy crockett, beyonce, superman, the founder of the chinese mafia, captain america, will ferrel, master chief, angus young, george bush, FDR, and many others once called this place home. disease has been nonexistant in this place since the year 1978 and is how magic johnson manages to stay alive. in ancient times Thermolia was above land and translated to greek as"the better Atlantis" because of its gifts to the world including the wheel, chuck norris (he's actually a robot that was based off of the average male of thermolia at that time), water (yes water) and of course boob jobs. thermolians invented them. 'nough said. Thermolia was the greatest civilazation of all time. america rivals it only becuz half of the founding fathers were thermolian. during world war 2 however thermolia took a heavy beating from hitlers zombie ninjas. eventually they were forced to dig to Hitlers secret underground lair and capture him. the reason his body was never found was because the thermolians used him to call off his zombie ninjas back to there home in vietnam where america would later face them and lose due to their lack intel on the thermolian war tunnels leading to germany.
thermolia is and always will be the secret leader of the world
side note:Gave Einstien the idea for the Manhatten project
second side note:Gave America Einstien
anybody thats somebody knows about thermolia.

james: hey did you hear about cameron?
mike: no what happened?
james: he offed himself after he came back from thermolia.
mike: why?
james: he left a note saying that the rest of the world was just too boring.
by C()RY April 06, 2011
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