Taken from the 1992 film 'A league of their own', when Tom Hanks' character says it to own his female players who started to weep when she couldn't handle the criticism he had on her.

Outside of baseball, people replace the last word with their occupation (There's no crying in politics!///There's no crying in wrestling!///etc)

When someone says that to you, they actually want to say something like 'Be a man' or 'Don't be a pansy'.

A variant of the use was spotted on many websites, while commenting on Hillary Clinton's infamous speech in which she seemed to on the brink of crying.

* During the halftime of a baseball match *
COACH: 'ANDERSON! WTF where you doing out there!? Don't you have a f*cking brain or something? Not even a chimp hit the ball like that! Where you out of your f*cking mind? WHERE YOU??
ANDERSON: *starts to cry*
COACH: Oh come on, what the f*ck is this...
ANDERSON: *still crying* I'm sorry coach....I was stupid, I....*proceeds to cry even louder*
COACH: No! No, No, No! You stop that right now Anderson, do you hear me! THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!
by Valmeijita July 13, 2008
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A baseball/softball player that was given ecstasy before a game will be a bit more emotional than the Japanese team.
The crying baseball player felt as out of place as the smiling runner.
by The Original Agahnim July 27, 2021
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