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The most amazing, wonderful best friend in da world~~~~~ loved bye everyone>>>>>> Beautiful, even though she denies it D:< she always makes meh happi. so many good memories wit dis gurl. she's somewhat insane, way 2 kewl 4 meh~ you've been friends with me for longer than anyone ever has... and that's the best. and chu better not leave meh... because i would just die
i luv yoooooouuu :DDD
thea robinson~~

jamie:oh i love dat thea
lisa:omg me too
haley:she's my bff♥
shelby:awe, little tia c:
katie:eh. she's an aquantance.
emily:oh, i remember when we made creepy stories about...
cody:omg so hawt
everyone else:omg she's so purty and shy
by ~~willferrellluvr~~ September 22, 2011
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