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TheLegendKiller is the king of controversy, he seeks out forums and destorys them. Said to have stemed from the famous NK Assasins. A legend on the web. Has created drama and waged wars from forum to forum. Past exploits include Naruto-kun, EvilUnleashed, Mah Buddehs, Fire Crotch, Wrestle Zone, American Wasteland Bleach7. Legend has it, he spawned frm the same gene pool as Chuck Norris but this is only rumor.

NK Assasins- TgjanLee, Lyger101, TheLegendKiller

Nick Names- The Executor, TLK, Greatest Poster in the World Today, Sage of Halo, Hardcore

Enemies of TheLegendKiller- Marz, Wesman, TheWatcher, Destiny, Gorgan, Yimmy, Mcgraph, Jabronies, Maj, Mods
TLK- TheLegendkiller is everything he says he is, the greatest damn poster the forum world has ever seen.
Lyger- meow
Noobs- *scared
by Fear April 26, 2007
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