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First off, if you're a rap hater and you're reading this, then back down now if you want to. But from now on stop your endless ranting, raving and bitching about rap being crap because no one is listening to you anymore. You've made your point---or at least tried to. That's all.

Many people say rap sucks because it's just words. You're sort of right on the words part. But have you even listened to the words in a Tupac song? And the beats that back those up? Didn't think so. And that's why many of you haters hate---because you listen to the first 3 seconds of it and then decide the whole genre sucks. If you listen closely, you'll learn Tupac and others rap about love, and many other important things in life. There are also many of you who also hate a genre just because another person does. Now THAT's pathetic. Don't even get me started on that life lesson there.

There are some kinds of rap that DO suck. Stuff like 50 Cent, G-Unit, Yung Joc, all those fuckheads who rap only about hoes, money, drugs and cars. That's MAINSTREAM rap. And I'm sure most of you hate rap because this mainstream rap is the only shit you've ever heard. Go grab yourself a fucking Kanye West or Eminem CD, fucktards. And actually listen to the words they say, then come back and tell me they didn't move you. I dare you.

And by the way, note that a rap song won an Oscar this year. Only proves my point that people like rap.

Now, I've been a resident of the U.S. ever sice I was born. Since then I have come to realize this: that the majority of this country is white people. What I'm about to say, I am not trying to be racist in any way. But I know that most white people like rock and hate rap. That is one of the reasons rap has been kicked around ever since the turn of the new millenium and maybe before that. But to all you white people who like rock and all that other stuff: do you see us dissing it all the time?

Didn't think so.

So why do it to us? Unless all of you are racist yourselves and still unmoved by Martin Luther King's speech and other blacks' actions all those years ago as we tried to spread the word that we should all be UNITED AND TREATED EQUALLY, still hating on us blacks and, (say it isn't so!) the MUSIC we make now? It is music nonetheless, made mostly by a African-American race, and it deserves its respect as well. Allow me to say, as politely as I can, shut the fuck up.

In closing, I would like to say, stop hating on our music, because we seldom hate on yours. That's equal treatment, don't you think?

Geez, and I'm not much of a rap fan, yet I'm sticking up for it. Goes to show what one person's ignorance can do.

by Spreadin' The Peace September 16, 2006
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I'm sorry dude, but I will have to disagree on some points. Rap is great, and you're right: Some rappers do rap about love and life lessons.

You are wrong about other rappers such as 50 Cent et al. 50 Cent also raps about life lessons: Some people don't want you to succeed and will resort to some drastic means in order to make your life miserable.

Rap isn't all about "making money." People need to read into the existential reason that people rap and what the lyrics mean.
The True Meaning of Rap is beyond making money and the segregation of said "Real Rappers" vs "Gangsta Rappers."
by tohta6 October 22, 2009
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