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Analogous to "The clap", it is a cocktail of S.T.D.s which can include, The Clap, Genital Warts and Syphilis.
Brian: I think I got the Statt last night.
Clark: Do your balls and asshole hurt?
Brian: Yes, I definitely shoulda' doubled up.
by Alfredclark December 27, 2008
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The Statts is the most likely side-effect of having a Statter (A small, but really spicy hotdog).

Getting "The Statts" is similar in intensity to a hangover, but with the addition of shame and self-disgust at last nights over indulgence.
Dude One: you alright?

Dude Two: No man, I've got a real bad case of the Statts

Dude One: Gross...
by Hotdog-Hound December 07, 2012
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