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When a woman, over time keeps inside a large amount of small things/events that her partner does that make her angry. One day ultimately climaxed by one single thing/event where the woman unloads all her anger and everything she has saved up, upon her partner thus throwing a schmorgusboard of arguments at them.
*NOTE: This argument is undefendable. When recognized, is usually supressed by the phrase, Yes dear!
Your wife/girlfriend hates the way you drive to far to on side of the road and hate how you leave the toilet seat up and how you will not wash silverware. she holds those pet peeves in until on day you go out with your friends and saty out an hour past the time you said you would be home. when you walk in the door, she unleash a vortex of anger, in the form of The Schmorgusboard Argument by which she gets mad at you for not only staying out bt also they everything else that has been making angry.
by Lyncoln November 03, 2008
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