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The Act.
The Actor has the choice of performing any one of the Sacred Six, with the exception of Genuswine, as Genuswine is not performable as it being genuine thus regarded as a normal conversation. An important note is that the Actor can be any ganjster in the group smoking the ganj, so there is no explicit Actor.

The Call.
Calling the Actors act has to be performed under strict regulations, and if done incorrectly, a correct call may be voided. To correctly call an act, the Caller MUST NOT abruptly state the component of the Sacred Six the Actor is performing.
To correctly call an act, one must clearly show the Actor a sign that they have recognised their act. Ways to show the actor this are:
• Raised eyebrows and smiling
• Pointing
• Saying “Ahhhhhhhh” in a long enunciated manner
• Or a combination of 2 or more of these
If a correct call has been made, this would initiate the elaboration request.

An exemption to the standard structure of rules the Sacred Six follows (which are the Act, the Call, the Elaboration Approval, the Explanation, and the answer) is if the “would-be-Caller” does not recognise an act by the Actor. In this situation, the Actor is deemed to have pulled an excellent act, and is worthy of appraisal, and the game stops there.
*After having smoked 3/5 joints*
Jake - "Bro there's only one jay left"
Nilz - "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" *whilst pointing*
Jake - *Smiles and points back approvingly*
Nilz - "Hmmm... Occasional Fuckery!!!"
Jake - "Well played you ganjster"

by The Ganjsters September 29, 2011
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