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An analogy between activities of a sexual or romantic nature and a roller-coaster, or any amusement park ride. According to this philosophy, the engaging in sexual activities with a partner one does not find aesthetically satisfactory in order to receive a similar treatment from his/her far better looking friend is equivalent to waiting in line (a mundane and unpleasant activity) in order to get on a roller-coaster (a thrilling and exhilarating experience). The roller-coaster principle may also be used to describe the opposite: waiting in line for an amusement park ride that ultimately is not worth the wait. Details of the roller-coaster riding experience also directly apply to the metaphorical analogy. For example, vomiting on Kingda Ka would be the equivalent of vomiting while having intercourse with Meghan Fox. The Roller-coaster Principle, so long as the roller-coaster is in fact superior to the wait in line, exempts any male or female from being ridiculed for "waiting in line".
Can also be defined as "exploitation and manipulation".
Guy 1: As one of my closest friends, I simply cannot allow you to accept that female's offer of fornication. She is simply horrendous!
Guy 2: You mustn't forget that said lovemaking increases my chances of performing similar acts on her tantalizing and voluptuous compatriot without need of Roofies!
by supercoollad July 04, 2010
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