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An organized internet group dedicated to providing the knowledge needed to survive as a human being in todays society. The P2P mafia has 7 branches. Each branch serves it's own purpose.

The P2P Mafia Main branch - In charge of all other branches, makes the final decisions on everything.

The P2P Mafia Media branch - In charge of media. Including art, videos, music, and internet stations.

The P2P Mafia Advertising branch - In charge of advertising. Such as posters, flyers, public events, etc.

The P2P Mafia Public services branch - In charge of planning and going through with public services such as charity work, public bbq's, festivals, parade stands, etc.

The P2P Mafia Survival branch - In charge of teaching all members the necessary skills needed to survive in a survival situation. Skills include food, fire making, plant life and animal life, etc.

The P2P Mafia Funds branch - In charge of raising funds for public events.

The P2P Mafia Recruiting branch - In charge of recruiting new members to our ranks.

Despite the name, The P2P Mafia is not involved in any illegal piracy. The name was formed in 2002 after the starters had met and formed a small anti-riaa group known as "p2p mafia". The P2P Mafia is internet based, but often has public events such as bbq's, etc. We are against the modern society corrupted by hip hop culture and a lifestyle of obsession. We believe that if the youth of today are meant to be the leaders of tommorow, they should know more than they are taught on the TV and through music. We provide people with a family like atmosphere that they otherwise wouldn't get from home. As of right now, The P2P Mafia doesn't have a website. We are working on that right now and it will be up ASAP as If you would like to contact us, e-mail us at
The P2P Mafia will be holding an annual BBQ at the expo center on -date here-. All members and non-members are invited. Admission is free, but you will have to bring a couple bucks for food and drinks.
by TheP2PMafia Founder, t3ch July 18, 2006
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