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This rule is used in a party setting to ensure that gender demographics at parties that, due to the make up of the group throwing the party, begin each party with a significant tilt in number of attendies that are... male. (ie: sports teams, fraternaties, religious organizations of any kind).

The Breakdown of the Rule:

- All members in good standing of the club throwing the party are welcome, and welcome to bring guests or to come alone.

- For each additional male guest who is not a club member that is brought by a club member, that club member must also bring a female guest.

- If no female guest is at that time accompanying the club member and his non-club member male guest:

A) the non club member male guest will be admitted with open arms into the party.

B) the club member will not be permitted entrance to the party and will be informed of the shame he has brought unto his lineage.

C) the outcasted club member can only gain entry by finding a female (not previously attending the party) to enter the party with the outcasted club member.

Upon completion of requirement "C", all honor is restored to the club member who committed the infraction and the indiscretion is never to be spoken of again.
"Andrew" plays rugby and is a club member in good standing. Andrew brings his buddy "Mike" to a party his rugby club is throwing. Mike is allowed in, but Andrew is in violation of the Mezo Rule and must go find a female before he will be allowed into the party. Andrew finds and introduces himself to a brazilian au pair at the bodega on the corner and asks her to attend the party. She says yes and they both are admitted to the party where there is much rejoicing.
by Manatee Schmanatee August 28, 2009
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