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A Catholic service fraternity for Catholic men aged 18 and up. Started by the *Venerable Father Micheal J McGivney in New Haven Connecticut, the Knights of Columbus is a service organization which Catholic men participate to support the Roman Catholic Church and people in need of service. Often called "the strong Right arm of the Church" Knights pride themselves in humble service for Christ's Church on earth. Knights have financed things such as the March For Life (in Canada and the U.S.A), proposition 8 in California in support of the true definition of Holy matrimony, and have renovated many Catholic Churches all across the world. There are about 1,800,000 members, many from the Philippines, the US and Canada. members in 2008 have contributed around $144,000,000 to charities and have done over 50,000,000 hours in community service hours in that year alone. The values of each members reflect the aims of the Catholic organization which are: charity, unity, brotherhood and patriotism. Because of these 4 values, many knights are in the military and help veterans.

*Venerable is a title given to Catholics who are in the 2nd stage to Sainthood.
Parishioner 1: Oh Robert is a member of the "The Knights of Columbus"?

Parishioner 2: Yup, he ushers at Mass 1 Sunday per month with the knights and helps with renovating the Church and organizes youth activities!

Parishioner 1: That's so cool!
by Cup0Joe February 02, 2010
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