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The "Hamburglar Game" The objective of the game is to find, and point at, the first girl wearing black and white horizontal stipes. This can be done upon entrance to a bar or nightclub. Simply point and yell "Hamburglar" The first person to do so wins! The prefix "Ham" can also be replaced with other describtive words and half-words such as...
"flooze-burglar, huge-burglar, iceburg-lar, cling-burglar, corpse-burglar.
This game, and it's informational helpful hints for friends, makes it a game you will love playing forever. You will truly be amazed how many Hamburglars are really out there!
This is one way you could win "The Hamburglar Game!"

"HAMBURGLAR!!!" Yesss I win again! Good thing I have the ring of power!!!
by The one ring December 12, 2010
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