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In March of 2008 the demand for Kleenex's in Morocco increased at an unbelievable rate. The Moroccan King asked for everyone to stay calm. He attributed the increase in demand for Kleenex to Peace Corps volunteers spending too much time in their masterbatorium, spanktuary, spank schack, whack shack, jack shack, flip n jack, finger hut, spank cave, spank wagon, cumgeon, cum station, lunch punch, stroke boat, spank bank, corner of crank, jerk hut, masturbation station, spankmobile, homostead, spank shed, and master barriums. In particular, undercover sources attibute the increase to one "King of Crank" J-Lub (known for exceptional stroking form.) When asked for comment, J-Lub simply said "whatever dude, I'm gonna go listen to some music." The King has told people to hold strong. The King also claimed that supplies are expected to return to normal around the time of Tallstacks 2010.
Oh man, I shouldn't have ate all that spicy couscous. Now I can't blow my nose due to The Great Moroccan Kleenex Shortage of 08-09
by Pedro2010 December 29, 2009
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