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An independent co-educational school in East Providence RI. Founded in 1910 by Dr. Helen West Cooke, it's original campus was a small house on Angel St. in Providence. In the early 60's however, a far larger and more suitable campus was built just off of Narraganset Bay in East Providence.
Gordon's founded, Dr. Cooke had originally created the school to provide an alternative school for her son Gordon, whom the school is named after. She wanted him to be educated alongside girls in a diverse "open air" environment where students would be stimulated and challenged as well as learn to enjoy learning. Classes would be held with open windows whenever the weather permitted, and students would be taken outside most days. The Gordon School was one of the first schools in the country to be integrated, and remains to this day one of the more diverse private schools in the state.
Chris: I went to The Wheeler School from nursery through high school.

Ken: Cool, I went to MB for high school, but all before that I was at The Gordon School.

Chris: Oh yea, I think I've heard of that. How was it?

Ken: Great.
by Lomov November 26, 2010
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