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The Goat Demon is a character created for the "Action Menz!" and "W&M Comics" series created by John Watson and Andrew Montez.

He is one of a series of animal demons featured regularly throughout the show. Affectionately nicknamed "Goatie" by the creators and characters within the show, he is often seen as the leader of the demon troop.

Goatie was first introduced during a radio show by Fernando, bombarding him with calls that he was in love with him and wanted to be with him. As time has gone on Goatie has become more bizarre in his scenes and the tone will often tread far into the blue zone, introducing the concept that the demons can enlarge their genitals to ridiculous sizes and use them as a weapon. One such incident describes Goatie as having a negative reaction to electronic music and being unable to control this aspect. These are seen mainly with the accompanying "AUGH AUGH AUGH" yells ("Goatie's Techno Trial", "Goat Burger")

Another running gag with Goatie is that he is trapped inside a tin can and is begging someone to let him out. An unseen character "The Shark Demon" was reportedly killed and put inside a can as a message to the others by an unknown adversary. Goatie is now mainly featured as comic relief on the "Paco El Tango & The Mysteries of the Modern Universe Show" where Xynthantion & Paco El Tango repeatedly hunt him down for footage or an interview, with comical results.
The Goat Demon: Augh augh augh, I don't wanna suck dicks! Someone let me out of here, please! I'm stuck in a tin can!

Judge: Goatie, what do you have to say in your defense?
Goatie: The Techno! It invades my body, my mindbrain, I can't control it! AUGH AUGH AUGH!

Goatie: Welcome to Goat Burger, can I interest you in a Goat Dick Sandwich?
by Cecil B. Crab April 16, 2013
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