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A Twenty One Pilots fanfiction story originally published on Archive Of Our Own. It is based on the song "Forest" by Twenty One Pilots (a pretty great song used for a trauma inducing story). This is a work of Joshler fanfiction (Joshler being the pairing of Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph). It is pretty well written but is known to be cringey due to the sexual scene in the story. It also has an impact on Twenty One Pilots fangirls because of its tragic ending.
Some phrases used to hint the Forest Fic are:
1. T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D
2. It's all blue and black
3. Treehouse on fire
4. Tyler, Josh isn't real.
Jess: Do you know what the Forest Fic is?
by it's lily February 09, 2017
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