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The Fly 2 (also stylized Fly II) is an atrocious film sequel to David Cronenberg's The Fly. Because of its near unwatchable nature, it is used as a slang term/code word for Marijuana, as it would never be possible that someone wants to actually talk about or watch The Fly 2.

There are different 'grades' of Fly 2:

Fly 2 on VHS is low grade marijuana.
Fly 2 on DVD is decent stuff.
Fly 2 on Blu-Ray is the dankest weed you'll ever smoke.
"Yo, when you come over tonight, bring your copy of Fly 2 on Blu-Ray. We can check it out."

"Hey, I heard you wanted to see The Fly II. I have it on VHS if you want to check it out."

"I am looking to sell my copy of The Fly 2 on DVD if you know anyone who wants to buy it."
by NevilleEnnui January 13, 2015
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