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The act of licking spilled pasta sauce off an object in such a way that ensures all females in the immediate area are overwhelmed with feelings of uncontrollable sexual desire for said individual. The Dolmio suggestive grin tells any potential lady friend that you are not afraid to put anything in your mouth that leaves a spaghetti sauce like mess on your face, ensuring you'll be there for her for more than 3 weeks out of every month.
After accidentally spilling Napoli sauce on his phone while eating pasta and texting at the same time, Muska decided to lick the sauce off the screen while making eye contact with the girl at the adjacent table. Giving her the Dolmio suggestive grin instantly turned her into a horny, cock fiending nymphomaniac. He proceeded to bend her over the table and plow her mercilessly in the middle of the food court while she screamed out "Tell me you like eating red carpet!"
by Muska Iscool March 17, 2011
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