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Sex position. When giving head to a girl, rise to your knees and lift your girls bum up with you. Once you have done this roll your girl onto her head so she is in a backwards somersault position looking away from you and hold her there. Place one arm on the back of her hamstrings to keep her legs back and tucked in toward her face, this should leave her bum facing straight up in the air. From here reach around and play with her clit with your other hand, then bury your tongue in her ass, giving the ultimate rimjob. Once achieved, it's as if your pushing the button on a bubbler (her clit) and having a drink (her bum hole) .. She will love it.
"I got drunk and picked up a girl from the pub, the dirty bubbler was born that night in a sexual frenzy in her bed as I am a bit obsessed with giving girls head and rimjobs. I realisesd the world had to be told while driving to work the next day"
by Scottieknowss January 15, 2015
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