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A male: Wide eyed, open mouthed, gormless, cheerful if slightly confused, flared nostrils.

Optional: The tongue will be lolling cautiously and/or the eyes might be rolling in delight and/or trousers hanging limply around the knees.

Comes across as possibly insane and definitely in a state of bliss/ecstasy.
Example 1.
Brosnan: Hey Dec, waddaya doing dere den?
Declan: Oh I'm just doing da Declan face *vomits*.

Example 2.
Peterson: Ugh I was SO wasted last night, I don't even know what I was playing at!
Declan: I know what you were doing! You were doing the Declan face. I know it well *vomits*.
by amritrandhawa August 31, 2011
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