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Stems from the uncertainty of whether a friend or acquaintence is going to greet you with a dap (first pound), or slap (hand slap), at the beginning or end of an encounter. This could get extremley awkward, as a situation may arise where Person A is preparing for a Dap and Person B is preparing for a slap. This causes each party to change hand positions. The split second before a greeting or goodbye, Person 1 may prepare to greet Person 2 with an open first, while Person 2 prepares to greet Person 1 with a closed fist. Instead of just one person switching positions to allow for an agreeable handshake, each person switchs, and the cycle continues. The longer it goes on, the more awkward it is.
"Dude, I saw Jim at the bar tonight and we fell victim to The Dap-Slap Dilemma". It lasted for about 2 minutes. It was SO AWKWARD!"

The Dap Slap Dilemma necessitates the need to call out what type of handshake you are going to perform before you greet or say goodbye to someone.
by wbkksfyj343 June 16, 2009
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