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Located in Upstate NY, Albany to be exact. The College of Saint Rose is a small urban school that is filled with skanks, wanna be jocks, and inner city kids who think this place will make them the next president. The college president is some blonde haired know it all who is pissing off the professors who think they're teaching Ivy Leauge students. The sports here suck, the food is just as bad, and what kind of a fucking school places a math placement test that you must past to get into the class you want? Yeah it's pretty much a way for them to keep you longer and make you feel insignificant. The campus is ok but you can spit from the middle to each adjoining side. The academics are ok, I don't know who invented their course registration system but you better hope you get the classes you want of you're pretty much spending 45,000 a year doing nothing significant. The parking here for commuter students suck the biggest of dicks, it's only matched by the lack of administration. Don't apply here expecting great things. It's a lot of hype for very little return. The art students who go here are so fucking self absorbed if you walked by their ass you'd get sucked in. The CSD majors are so uptight and ignorant you can only pray they don't end up working with the general public. And don't get me started on the business majors..... The place is really just one awful joke. But yeah that's the Saint Rose "difference"
Where do you go to school?
The College of Saint Rose!
........ OF COURSE YOU DO.
by Reasonstowonder March 22, 2016
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