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The band of sociopathic, and psychopathic killers, located primarily in what is called "Canada" that are said to have escaped persecuton in other countries. Some time in the mid nineteen sixties they apparently convinced the emperor of "canada" that he had hired them and ordered them to kill anyone who violated his will. They continue to inform the emporer when someone has in fact done this, and what his will is at any given time. Some have cited it is very fortunate the clown death squad have few real political agendas.
Origionally the death squad did not dress up as clowns, it was shortly after their founding that they were said to have adopted the idea as part of a plan to improve public relations. Others say this is ridiculous as they "can hardly be said to be concerned with public feeling", and that the death squad merely didn't want to admit they just liked to dress as clowns.
Some also say the incongrous emperor owes his life, to the Clown Death Squad. As the matriarchal warriors of "Canada" would surely have killed him by now.
The Clown Death Squad are a squad with out actually loyalty, and many believe they are often in the employ of the evil walrii, who live underneath "canada", and possibly the northern united States (their subversive reign is said to be steadily growing) in wait of their rise to take over the world. The evil walrii said to be responsible for the entire sham of the "fake, fake Canada" known to the rest of the world, and the imprisonment of the "real" canadians (The RCP), are also said to order the Clown Death Squad to kill anyone who even slightly betrays the truth about the goings on, in "Canada", as well as the killing of anyone who learns to much of their evil plots. It is said that the former Sir. James "war on Toasters", or "war on the toaster revoltion" is really all just a front, for a true cause wrapped somewhere up in the truth about "Canada", the evil walrii, and the vikings under norway, but he had to disguise it because his knowledge could be dangerous to him and his "troops". Of course it has been theorized that everything the former Sir. James does, could mean something other than what he says, whether it be the effects of long term alcohol abuse, or conspiracies involving evil walrii. However one might note that dispite behaviour that normally would get a person killed the former Sir. James, and his cause remains alive and operating.
Ahhhhh it's the Clown Death Squad!(followed by gutteral, gurgley dieing sounds)
by James Dracon February 21, 2008
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