The notorious neighborhood gay biker bar in the Police Academy movies. Known for its rough crowd and famous waltz "El Bimbo" by Bimbo Jet
Cadat Barbara: Is there a party this weekend?

Cadat Mahoney: Yeah. Of course there is. Do you want to come?

Cadat Barbara: No I can't. Ahhh. I just need to know where it is. Sorry to be asking.

Cadat Mahoney: Then why are you asking?

Cadat Barbara: Some people want to know.

Cadat Mahoney: OK. Yeah. It's no big secret. It's at the Blue Oyster Bar on Howell
by El Bimbo October 31, 2010
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Fictitious gay bar in the "Police Academy" franchise movies, AKA "The best salad bar in town"
Used as recurring prank to lure some innocent victim, who is not aware of the bar nature.
-Where we are going?
-Blue Oyster bar. Mahoney said it's the best salad bar in town.
-Proctor, I don't see a salad bar.
-Look sir. Maybe they serve seafood
by dildo777 September 20, 2018
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