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The Blowdart Game (also known as the Darting Game) is a game in which players use an imaginary blowdart gun (consisting of a player holding their hands to their mouth like a blowdart gun) to blow a dart at another player (the victim). Once hit with the imaginary dart, the victim must immediately feign as if they have feinted (usually falling straight to the ground) and cannot speak or move until another player removes the imaginary dart from the victim's neck.

The rules of the game are as follows:

* A player is only considered hit with the dart if he makes eye-contact with the shooter while the shooter is shooting
* The shooter must bring a hand to their mouth as though they are holding a blowdart gun and make a defined shooting noise (a breathy "thooo" will suffice) aimed towards the victim with whom they have made eye contact
* The victim must lie immobile until someone else pulls out the "dart"
* Anyone can play, but if someone breaks a rule, they cannot play the game ever again
An example of The Blowdart Game: A person (victim) walks into a room when someone else (bully) calls their name. Victim looks and sees bully making blowgun with hands, and bully makes blowing noise, "PFFT!." Victim is hit and instantly falls limp to the ground until someone pulls the "dart" out of his neck.
by DPlatt January 12, 2009
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