The Backrooms are a 600 million square mile abandoned office with mono-yellow rooms stretched throughout, the carpet being moist and stinking of old wet rug, the florescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, the wallpaper where if anyone looks for to long, could drive a man insane. If you want to enter the backrooms you must "no-clip" out of reality, to do so, walk through a darker wall that seems out of place, fall on your face, and if all else fails, go through a glitched chair. While many people have entered the backrooms on accident and on purpose, nobody has ever returned, the mono-yellow room is what many wanderers and travelers refer to as: Level 0, or Tutorial Room, and this isn't the end, its only the beginning, because to exit Level 0 and enter Level 1 you must walk through a slightly darker yellow wall than all the others, and before you enter Level 1, you must be aware of the entities that wander. Entities can be very generous creatures such as a Faceling, or they can be cold blooded such as a Smiler, Level 0 has no entities but entities do wander Level 1, so if you'll need to bring some supplies, we recommend bringing, a jug of water, canned food, a machete, knee and shoulder pads, and if need to carry more things, another backpack, after all your never coming back.
Ps: You can also enter the backrooms by falling where your hair stand up.

The Backrooms: Level 0 Is the first level of the backrooms
by eggmeme June 17, 2022
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