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1. Going down on a teacher to pass a class if one is in danger of failing; 2. to avoid having to do a particularly difficult or time-consuming assignment or project or; 3. to eliminate having to do any work outside of class and only needing to put forth a minimal, "for show" effort while in the classroom.

Quite different from grade rape, the goal of the B bob is to avoid attracting unwanted attention from parents, peers or administrators who might raise an eyebrow at an unexpected and uncharacteristic grade increase. With that in mind, the teacher in question is not asked or expected to give the student an "A" for services rendered, but instead a nice, safe, not-at-all suspicious "B" should appear on the report card.
Krystal has had tons of free time after the B bob on her math teacher.

We all knew Mandy was going to fail until that slut pulled the B bob on Mr. Jahnke last week.

Baylie is practically flaunting not having to do the research project, that teacher's petter bitch better STFU and not shut down the B bob bonanza for the rest of us.

We all figured Monica was just a teacher whore because she seemed so innocent, so we were a little surprised when her BFF got drunk and revealed her B bob secret.

Listening to Melissa go on in detail about the B bob on her English teacher, I was half expecting to hear the tree fiddy line, but it seems she was legit.
by mandymoshottimus March 18, 2015
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