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A Nigerian variation of the bog-standard Stockholm syndrome. A condition simple to explain but difficult to understand.

You worship the person who steals from you and berate those who try to expose the robbers.

Further Explanation:
(1) "We would rather kill the mouse in the house, than the cobra lurking in the corner" - Source KO

(2) "Even AFTER the mouse has been chased out of the house, they will continue beating it. Meanwhile the cobra would be making a comfortable nest in their house and inviting its friends over" - Source VA
Usage/practice of The 9ja-Stockholm syndrome:
A hungry man steals a politician's mobile phone and he is sentenced to 45 years hard labour; a crooked politician steal billions and he is let off with a slap on the wrist, given national honours and invited back into the corridors of power.

Politicians who steal billions are lauded by crowds lining the street while young men who steal a few pennies to feed their hungry families are lynched and/or burnt alive.
by easyware March 07, 2014
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