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One of the MOST ANNOYING messages you will come across on the social networking community Myspace.

What it means is that that particular user has chosen to make the pictures in their photo page only available to friends, or sometimes nobody at all.

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These people may have a myriad of reasons to justify hiding their photos, which include:

Shyness (rather stupid, since you put yourself on the web in the first place - why not show all?)

To repel pervs - understandable, since there are certainly a lot out there. Not all hot 19 year-old chicks on myspace want some icky 40-year old fat guy masturbating to their photos.

To prevent "fakes" - for some strange reason, certain losers love to steal people's pictures, and make a fake profile using those pictures. The motives for this are lost on me. Maybe these losers get off on how many views their fake profile gets??

To prevent picture theft and editing - again, people sometimes steal the pictures, and then photoshop them in various ways. I don't understand why.

And the final reason - just to be annoying.
Teenage boy 1: "Hey, I just found some really cute girl on myspace"
Teengage boy 2: "Let's look at her pics!"
Teenage boy 1: "Oh, damn, they're set to private!"
Teenage boy 2: "Huh?"
Teenage boy 1: "Yeah, it says The user you're trying to view has set all their photos to private."
by kire November 09, 2007
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