Final responsability; "The responsability is mine". Situation where something really is up to you, and you can be fairly praised or blamed for your act or choice.
(That is a expression commonly used in free will philosophical discussion)
Caracter determines fate, but I can change my caracter, so the buck stops here after all.
by Gustavo Cadar June 10, 2008
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1. When you give money to a dishonest person to pass along to someone else, but he just keeps said cash for himself.
2. What happens in the vicinity of a "willing" doe during the rut.
Some years ago we naively gave one of the local tax-assessors the money for our yearly property-taxes, but she simply pocketed the cash and dishonestly kept it for herself... she shoulda had a t-short dat read, "the buck stops here"!
by QuacksO June 03, 2019
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