The Yasushi Ghost is a demonic presence trapped within the walls of Residence Yasushi, Otherwise known as "Yasushi`s first resident" by locals, it haunts the computer systems and halls of Yasushi. Known for mysterious demonic shrines built in the beds of staff, mysterious messages on housekeeping reports and creating its own Urban Dictionary page.

- Message from the Yasushi Ghost:
"As of March 1 2019, I have been trapped in this place for 132 years. I have tried my best to snatch the attention of the one they call Liam, but to no avail as he seems oblivious to my presence... I shall have to try harder from now on...
Wooo Wooo."
The Yasushi Ghost snuck into Liam`s room and slipped inside him while he was sleeping.
by Yasushi Ghost March 1, 2019
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