1.Another huge ass mistake made by fox.
2.The terrible show on the Fox Sunday line-up that replace one of Fox's greatest shows arrested development. Unfornately the show comes on between The Simpsons and Family Guy and so regretably, you will end up watching it anyway. Although it will probably stay on the air as long as many other fox shows, it still sucks bad.
"I sat through another episode of The War at Home last night. I swear to god I almost had to shoot myself."
by Lol Panda June 26, 2006
A war brought home is a war-by any major definition- started overseas that has been controlled there, has brought forth attacks on home soil. These attacks are not always physical. They usualy destroy the morale, and indifferance the opposition has felt.

The war brought home is often the beggining of the end for that war in terms of the attacked country.
9-11 was a war brought home for the united states.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a war brought home.

The German invasion of the USSR was a war brought home for Stalin.

The realisation that machines could work faster than people in mass production was a war brought home for manual workers.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 28, 2004