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Probably, the most amazing band to ever emerge from West Milford, New Jersey. Band is made up of, Keith, Zach "The Dick" "The Manager" Shiz, Jesse, Kevin and most recently Andrew. The band's debut album "Gurl You Lookin' Snazzy" was released to in November 2010 and was a local success! It included hits such as: "(I Can Do The) Frog Jog, a cover of Ke$ha's hit song "TiK ToK", "It Was His Brother - The Sheriff", and the hit song that sweeped West Milford like a forest fire from hell! "Awwh Jobie Whatchu' Doin' Dog?"

The band is currently working on their second album, slated for a late April release. The name of the new album will be The Traveling Mugs Presents: A Rabid Bear Let Loose In A Nursery. It will be the most amazing album in the history of the music industry!

They get the BA-BA-BA BITCHES!
Boy: The Traveling Mugs, are without a doubt the most electrifying band in all of music. They are so hardcore, yet sentimental, yet kick ass, yet inspiring. They are going to change the world with their sick ass beats and their brees and their squees.

Chick: Dude bro, I know. When I listened to their head exploded with awesomeness. And they have a kickass Manager.
by Shiz The Dick The Manager February 22, 2011
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