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The enchanting, captivatingly sexual hypnotic power over women that only one in a million men possess. A veritable sexual Jedi, a man lucky/cursed enough to have the Spiegl need never concern himself with the mundane confines of an average life. Rather, women, wherever he goes will practically break their pelvic bones opening their legs to receive him. A man with the Spiegl need never seek women out, like the average man, as they will come to him. A man with the Spiegl will never be alone but may, at times, desperately seek solitude if, for nothing else, to simply recharge his batteries.
“You might want to think twice about going to the bars with Charlie. He’s got the Spiegl and once he walks through the door all eyes are gonna be on him and your chances of getting any play are zip.”
by GulfCoastLooter March 23, 2006
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