A recently coined logical fallacy. It follows that archaeologists 1,000 years from now unearth a collection of Spiderman comics. From the background art, they can tell it takes place in New York City. NYC is an actual place, as confirmed by archaeology. However, this does not mean that Spiderman existed.

Often used to illustrate the flaw in the assertion by evangelical Christians that archaeologists unearthing biblical cities today "proves" that the Bible was written by a supernatural force.

The Spiderman Fallacy is committed any time the discovery of a mundane element from a myth, legend, or story is taken to mean that ALL other parts of that story, even the supernatural, are also true.

Can be modified to use any fictional character whose story takes place in a real life location.
Idiot: The Bible is literally true! Archaeology proves it! Sodom and Gommorrah have been found!!!

Smart guy: Dude, you're committing the Spiderman fallacy. New York City is a real place. Does that prove Spiderman exists?

Smart girl: There was also a real Transylvanian prince named Dracula. Does that prove vampires exist?
by Riqusii Aro Vilux December 18, 2010
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