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The Rotten Bagpipe is a variation of the well known "Dutch Oven". As apposed to wrapping the blanket over the ol ladies head, "The Rotten Bagpipe" uses more stealthy delivery system. On one of those bad days where you're having hot gas....load the sheets appropriately. Slowly lift your foot to create a tent in the sheets. While this is happening, make sure to create an exit to the tent and have it aiming right at the ol ladies nose.

Once in position, release the foot allowing the tent to collapse, shooting hot toxic ass gas right into your loved ones face.
Storyteller: So last night I'm laying in bed with the ol lady right....
Storyteller: I release under the covers, what some may refer to as "Evil"...
Storyteller: I dont even need to smell it.....I could just tell it's gunna be good....
Storyteller: I come to realize that the density is such that it is not making its way out of the sheets.....

Storyteller: To facilitate the situation....with my left foot....I slowly pull the blanket up in the center of the bed...thus pulling in fresh air from the outside....
Storyteller: creating a tent...if you will
Storyteller: right about this time....I make sure that there is a clear fold in the blanket for the escape route for the air....preferably aiming it at the ol lady...
Storyteller: by dropping the raised foot and having a well aimed channel at the ol ladys nose.....I executed the...."?????????"
Audience: lol
Storyteller: Behold......"The Rotten Bagpipe"
Audience: that's great.
Audience: I like it
Storyteller: Operation RBP.
Audience: lol
Audience: you knew it was a killer
Storyteller: the heat was a give away
Audience: came out hot?
Storyteller: AKA....a "hot popper".
by The Gas Master April 27, 2010
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