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A terrible place. It has been said that it is the 7th province of hell itself.
During busy hours it will be full of people sitting round tables, only about 1/3 of which will actually be eating, the rest sit and talk shit.
When one enters the refectory a phenomenon known as the refectory stare occurs. This is where roughly 20-30 people sitting around the entrance give you a really dirty look, this is enough to make one feel very uncomfortable and may 'cause severe trauma and shell shock on occasion if there is a lot of noise at the same time.
Research suggests that schizophrenia is more likely to develop in those who spend long periods in the refectory compared to those who sit in the more pleasant environment of the ILC.
Alevel student - 'Fancy going to The Refectory'
Another Alevel student - 'hahahahahahahahahahahaha -ROFL-'
by gM_eats_jelly February 3, 2009
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