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The Puhni Dance is the embodiment of the euphoria caused by Rod Stewart's "Young Turks." If you find yourself going 95 miles per hour on Route 95 coming home from a strip club at 3 AM listening to Young Turks with your best friends...this dance will over-come you. Your arms are held closely at your sides (nearly 90 degrees) moving freely laterly with the music. Your knees are bent slightly moving longitudely left to right with your hips in stride following Rod's snake-charming like voice.
"Did you guys see Puhni last night? Young Turks came on in the back triple and the next thing you know Puhnes is doing the Puhni Dance with two naked chicks! Puhni did the whirrley penis and one of them ended up pissing his bed. Go on be free tonight!"
by Loul December 09, 2006
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