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The Proposition System is a very tactful system that allows one to identify a woman whom he finds attractive and to discreetly show it to his friends. Though the Proposition System can apply to a woman that is just generally beautiful, more often than not in real-world implementation it is used to identify a woman with an attractive posterior.

The Proposition System has a clearly defined syntax which must be adhered to in order to be used effectively.
Proper usage of the Proposition System:

In keeping with the fact that the Proposition System is mainly used to identify attractive posteriors, the syntax goes "Proposition {color of pants/skirt/shorts/etc of the woman in question}?"
If the woman is wearing jeans around other women whom are also wearing jeans, one may differentiate by saying the color of the woman's shirt followed by the word 'top'.
The surrounding males must then either approve or disapprove of the propositioner's findings with an 'affirmative' or 'negative'

Mike:"Jesus christ! Proposition grey at 7 o' clock."
Jon:"Affirmative, my friend. Good eye."
by Skeeter McDougal September 29, 2005
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